Beard and Mustache Hair Transplant Beard and Facial Hair Transplant – Hair restoration to Goatee, Mustache, Beard and Sideburns

Facial hair transplantation refers to a procedure in which scalp hairs are transplanted to facial regions with thin hair growth. Beard transplant features transplantation of hair from the top of the head to the part of the face where beard grows.

Men opt for beard and facial hair transplant to either thicken their existing beard or fill in patchy regions. It is akin to a hair transplant. You can shave your beard and give it whatever style you want after a period of time. You can also go for sideburns, goatee, and mustache hair transplants.

These types of transplants are helpful in concealing facial scars, cleft chins and burn damage. They also provide a solution to thin hair growth caused by hereditary factors. Beard and facial transplants give everlasting effects. The hair transplanted grows in a natural way in a couple of months’ time and provide patients dense and thick natural beard. Some men go for beard transplant to improve their good looks as it helps them to conceal or accentuate different facial features. There are also men, who want to feel more masculine by having more beards on their face, and therefore opt for beard transplant.

Technique used for Beard and Facial Hair Transplant

• Donor area- back of scalp
• Done under local anesthesia
• Grafts are harvested from permanent zone on the back portion of the scalp.

We use FUE technique of beard and facial hair transplant. It is very similar to traditional hair transplant. In this, hairs are taken from the posterior or back portion of the scalp to harvest follicular grafts. These new grafts are then put in the facial regions lacking hair density without causing any scarring.

An extra care is taken during this procedure to ensure the transplanted hair grows normally and looks aesthetic. Transplanted hair falls completely after a month. Natural new hair begins to crop up in around three months’ time. It takes almost a year before hair grows fully. Transplanted hair is for good and grows like normal hair carrying all the attributes of natural hair. You can shave transplanted hair like natural facial hair.


The growth of new facial hair is similar to that of normal facial hair. Once fully grown after a transplant, new facial hair can be shaved and groomed like natural hair. The transplanted hair is for good and looks exactly like original hair.
Careful positioning of the grafts at the right angle and proper direction is needed to make sure facial hair appears natural. To ensure optimal graft survival post donor harvesting, it is necessary to handle the grafts with care.

The procedure is carried out using local anesthesia. It roughly takes 2 to 8 hours for the entire procedure to complete, depending on the number of grafts harvested. To ensure the most natural appearance, single and double hair containing grafts are used at our clinic. Tiny crusts are formed around each transplanted hair after the procedure.
Generally, a patient can go back home the following day and get on with his daily non-strenuous activities. Transplanted hairs will disappear in four weeks’ time before growing back in three to four months’ time.

The number of grafts required can vary but averages are as follows: 300-600 grafts for the mustache, 600-800 grafts for a full goatee, 200-350 grafts for each sideburns, and 800-1000 grafts for a cheek beard.

• For hair placement – Special imported implanters
• Anesthesia – local
• Recovery time – immediately
• Scarring – none

• Short recovery time.
• No stitches
• No large incisions
• Minimally invasive procedure
• No scaring
• No pain

Men with a thin facial hair growth owing to genetic factors, laser hair removal, electrolysis, surgery, burns or injury are the ideal candidates for moustache and beard transplant.

The procedure is generally carried out under local anesthesia and lasts between 2 and 6 hours. The procedure involves no pain and has no recovery period. You can start your normal activities again the following day and go home.
There will be some swelling and scab (tiny crust) formation near transplanted hairs in the beginning, but they will dissipate soon. The transplanted hairs will fall off within 10 days. You can resume shaving after 10 to 14 days.

The cost of a beard transplant depends on the number of grafts needed as per individual requirements. During consultation, we can provide you an estimated cost covering the procedure.

The cost of mustache, goatee, and sideburns facial hair transplant differs greatly. If you want to know the cost of your facial hair transplant, please mail us at- [email protected] or call to speak to our expert consultant doctors on following numbers- +91 8369516696.