Body Hair Transplant The Body Hair Transplant (BHT) involves transplanting body hair to the scalp.

The Body Hair Transplant (BHT) involves transplanting body hair to the scalp. Hairs can be taken from chest, beard and even legs for the transplantation. However, to make use of BHT, a person should have hairs in abundance on at least one of the above mentioned body regions.

As per medical science, a person has about one million hairs on his body. If a person is suffering from a very high grade of baldness such as class 7 baldness, he will not have enough hairs on the back of his scalp required for transplantation (only 12500 hairs out of permanent 25000 can be transplanted). In this case, the only way out is the use of BHT.

Body Hair Transplant is done using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. This is a scar-less procedure, which uses an advanced technique to transplant body hairs on the scalp.

Patients having abundance of hair on chin, chest, back or legs are the ideal candidate for BHT.

Donor sites (areas from where hairs can be extracted) for BHT
• Beard
• Chest
• Pubic areas
• Legs
• Back
• Under arms (axilla)

Technique used for BHT Body Hair Transplant – FUE Method

The procedure is carried out using local anesthesia. Some oral soporific tablets are also given to lessen the anxiety. In the selected donor area, ring block anesthesia and tumescent solution are administered with the help of very fine needles to ensure painless extraction of the grafts. Especially customized punch is used for body hair extraction. Grafts requirement determines the number of sessions and duration of the procedure.

The procedure is called Automated FUE. It features extraction of roots using punch without causing any cuts or stitches. Among body hairs, beard hairs provide the best result in terms of thickness and growth.

Extracting hairs is a skillful job as a special care is taken to ensure extracted grafts from body donor hairs remain intact. Hair extraction can take a long period of time as only a limited number of grafts can be taken out in a day.

Things to do before going for BHT

• Shave your chest and abdomen hairs at least 5 days before going for the procedure
• Shave your beard hairs 2 days before the procedure

Post procedure care

• On extraction site, local antibiotic ointment is applied.
• Daily bath can be taken after dressing is removed the following day. The prescribed ointment is applied there too.
• For five days, antibiotics and analgesics should be applied.
• Stay away from direct sunlight exposure, and use sunscreen agent for 7 days.
• It generally takes the donor site a week to heal completely.


Benefits of BHT procedure

• Beneficial for those patients who are suffering from grade 7 baldness and don’t have enough hair on the back of the scalp
• Helpful for those who don’t have enough scalp donor hair owing to previous procedure
• Can use many parts of body as a donor area
• FUT scar repair
• Used for eyebrow transplant too
• Can be combined with FUE hair transplant to increase density of hair

Limitation of BHT procedure

Hair transplanted using BHT appear slightly different than the ones growing on the scalp

An extensive donor area needs to be anesthetized.
It is a tiresome and long procedure because of various exit angles of hair. It takes more time to extract body hairs. Further, since body hairs are thin and provide single hair grafts only, the transplanted hair takes more time to grow.
Hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation at the donor site.

Yields less number of hairs

The diameter of body hair is often quite lower than that of the hair on your head. Body hairs generally grow separately resulting in availability of single hair grafts. It takes longer for body to grow.

Transplanted body hair grows only a little post implantation and can never be as big as a normal hair.

Unique Advantages of BHT Body Hair Transplant

• Beneficial for those patients who don’t have enough hair on the back of the scalp.
• Any part of body hair can be used for transplantation on scalp.
• The BHT is helpful in giving hair line a natural look by using thin and soft body hairs.
• For hiding the widened strip scars caused on donor area due to removal of hairs from there for a previous transplantation.
• Body hair serves as an ideal filler to increase the density of scalp hair.
• Body hair transplant can also be used for eyebrow transplant for body hair is very similar to eyebrow hair.
• In cases where donor area is very thin, BHT is useful in increasing the density of hair on the scalp.