Hair Transplant Cost Calculator Know the Hair Transplant Cost and Graft you required

Hair Transplant on Monthly Installments

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Cost Depends on Following Factors

  • Grade and severity of baldness – Level of Male Pattern baldness.
  • Scalp area coverage – what area of scalp you want to cover and how much grafts it will require.
  • Donor area capacity – How many grafts can be extracted from your donor area.
  • Donor area – scalp, beard or body hair, where is your donor area.
  • Hairline design – what kind of hairline you want to design and how much grafts required.
  • Density in each zone of bald area – Low, Moderate or High Density.
  • Number of session – You may need 1, 2 or even more sessions based on your requirement.
  • Hair Transplant technique used for your procedure.
  • City Chosen for Hair Transplant -  Doctors, Infrastructure and other cost varies from city to city.

    Select your grade of baldness comparing with the pictures given below

    Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7