Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Each year, about 4 million people around the world face the problem of thinning eyebrow hair. Losing eyebrow hair results in the formation of bald spots just above eyes. It may sound surprising, but anyone can develop bald spots in their eyebrows. For women, in particular, this condition is quite alarming as receding eyebrow hairline takes a toll on their confidence.

Your eyebrows enhance the beauty of your face and overall appearance. When eyebrows start receding, going for eyebrow hair transplant is the best bet to regain the charm of your appearance. It is considered the most natural and cheap solution to thinning eyebrow hair.

Eyebrow hair transplant is known to have worked wonders for people suffering from thinning eyebrow hair. It is amazing as to how only a few grafts provide a stunning improvement to the appearance of your eyebrows.

Choosing the right place for getting eyebrow hair transplant is important. On many occasions, people, who want their new eyebrows to look as natural as they could be, get deceived by advertisements promising hundred per cent natural new eyebrows. We don’t make such claims. Of course, your new eyebrows will look a bit artificial as it is next to impossible to create a natural look in such a small area. What we promise is that after the procedure, your new eyebrows will have natural beauty. With several years of experience, we have been able to master the art of eyebrow hair transplant.

Common Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

  • Over plucking of eyebrows (among women)
  • Growing age
  • Painful loss of eyebrows
  • Burns
  • Effects of radiation and chemotherapy
  • Genetic factors that cause thin eyebrows
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Softening the flat and stark look of tattooed eyebrows

The Eyebrow Hair Restoration Procedure

Since eyebrows keep a central position on the face, they go a long way in ensuring a balanced facial symmetry. Eyebrows frame and enhance the natural beauty of eyes. Therefore, the main goal of eyebrow hair transplant is to create an eyebrow shape that fits to the symmetry of your face and provides it a perfect appearance. Eyebrows having right proportion add great amount of depth to your expression, besides brightening your eyes and lifting your face. Your face appears splendid after a nicely performed eyebrow hair transplant.

Surgical accuracy is required to recreate the correct acute angle so that hair exits skin and also the directional changes taking place in the eyebrow. The hair begins to point upward at its medial aspect from where the eyebrows start near the nose. The hairs then come together from the top and the bottom near the midline before moving laterally across the face over the eyes.

A keen understanding of beauty and balance is necessary in order to provide correct dimensions, shape and arch to the eyebrows. While doing it, a patient’s gender and individual facial proportion are to be taken into account as well. Generally, a woman’s eyebrows should be more arched while a man’s eyebrows need to be more flattened and T-shaped. These things are kept in mind during every eyebrow hair transplant.

Each eyebrow needs 500 follicles approximately to have a natural appearance. The number of follicles required may vary depending on the existing hair and the density needed. Hairs should be placed in such a way that they follow the angle and direction of naturally occurring eyebrow hair. They should be also closely spaced at a flat angle to the skin. Considered a very delicate procedure, eyebrow hair transplant can be done by only a specialist who has mastered eyebrow transplant skills.

Needles are used to determine the angle and direction of hair insertion so as to produce the smallest possible incisions and minimise any scarring or damage to the existing hairs. The donor hairs are extracted from the back of the scalp using FUE technique. The entire procedure is performed using local anaesthesia. Some swelling and bruising are caused during the process, but it is a painless exercise. The recovery period is painless too.
Transplanted hairs will fall in two weeks’ time before growing again within 3-4 months. From then on, they will continue to grow as long as a patient lives. To keep the hairs perfectly manicured, a patient should trim them once in a month.

The Safety of Eyebrow Hair Transplants

Eyebrow hair transplant is done using FUE hair transplant technique. It has very few side effects. The injection used to administer anesthesia may cause a great amount of pain for it is inserted in the region around the eyes, which is very sensitive. Once the anesthesia is given, a patient feels nothing.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Vs Cosmetic Methods

Eyebrows can be drawn using cosmetics to make them appear stronger, longer or broader. For women, using a pencil to draw eyebrows is in vogue. For men, though, it may appear a bit socially unacceptable.

Even for women, it is a cumbersome exercise to pencil their eyebrows anew on every occasion. Moreover, it won’t look natural. If people look at your face closely, they will find out that you have used a pencil to draw eyebrows.

Going for eyebrow hair transplant saves you from this cumbersome exercise of drawing eyebrows. For men, it is, in fact, the only solution. If performed masterly, eyebrow hair transplant gives you absolutely natural looking eyebrows. People around you will never be able to find that your eyebrows are not real.

After Your Eyebrow Hair Transplant

The small crusts formed at the donor region and on transplanted eyebrows will wither away within a week. You need to avoid scratching them away, though. If you do not want people to ask you about these crusts, take leave of a week from your work and stay put.
Be careful while taking showers for the first 5 days after eyebrow hair transplant. Do not rub your eyebrows with a towel for the first 20 days.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Result

Like every hair transplant, transplanted hairs fall completely within five weeks after eyebrow hair transplant. Hairs will grow back after 3 to 4 months. The full result will be there to be seen in 6 months’ time. The growth rate of the transplanted eyebrow hairs is similar to that of the donor scalp hair. However, after one to two years, the growth rate will slow down.

Cost of Eyebrow Hair Transplant

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